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Interactive Verification

Protect your brand whilst marketing to consumers in-store!

Anti-Counterfeit with benefits

Turn your brand protection into a direct to consumer marketing machine

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Anti Counterfeit

Communicate authenticity directly to your end customer, instantly.

Anti Counterfeit

It’s all about visibility. Get a clear picture of what is going on in your market so you can identify if you have a counterfeit problem and determine its scale.

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Grey Market

Keep track of your stock beyond the supply chain, right until it has reached the consumer!

Grey market visibility

So, your products left the manufacturers and went on their journey to the shops. Then where did they end up?

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Marketing Advantages

Interact with your end consumer, incentivise them and build a great two way relationship.

Use the marketing advantages

Take up this real opportunity to build long term relationships with the most profitable customers a brand can have: existing customers.

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Reassure your customers that they are buying authentic products. Upgrade your fight against fakes. Combat counterfeiting and monitor the grey market using interactive rather than passive methods.

Authicode® is the interactive next generation anti-counterfeit system. Communicate authenticity directly to your consumer and involve them in your fight against fakes. Now you can go beyond your supply chain visibility, monitor counterfeit and grey market activity and even see where your real brand fans are concentrated.

What is Authicode®?

Scanning products with Authicode

Authicode turns a regular smartphone into an anti-counterfeit or marketing device. Re-assure or encourage your consumer when they scan your product using your own interactive terminal.

It is the next generation, interactive anti-counterfeit and grey market monitoring service. Authicode® can be used by brands and rights holders in licensing to apply intelligent information to their products in such a way that it can be easily integrated into their supply chain. We have built the process in such a way that it is not only suitable for the fashion, sports and luxury industries but equally effective in fighting fakes in other product categories.

Authicode® is easy to implement, sophisticated in its use and very effective in how it integrates the consumer into the anti-counterfeit process.

Your marketing department is going to love the relationship it gives them with your brand fans, and your brand fans are going to love the fact that they can trust what they buy again.

And if you are a Licensor you are going to love how Authicode will give you true visibility of what your licensees are doing with your branded products.

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