Authicode™ is a cutting edge interactive anti-counterfeit and grey market solution.

How it works

Authicode is an intelligent way to interact with your consumers in the battle against fakes and grey market activity. It benefits you and also benefits the consumer. Find out more by clicking on the image behind this text.


The product verification functionality in Authicode allows your customers to check authenticity using any internet enable device. Scan the QR code or type in the URL and the answer is a click away. This interaction has more benefits as you will find out on this site.

Grey Market

Your brand is being sold in places that you did not choose to be stocked in yourself. This activity reduces your ability to control your brand and also can cause upsets amongst your distributors, licensees or stockists. Click for more…

Warranty Control

You are able to use Authicode to manage your warranty programme. This in itself could streamline your consumer interaction and reduce your admin as you consumers register themselves. It also gives much more visibility. Click for more…


The advantage of being able to interactively communicate authenticity is strengthened further by the ability to incentivise pure, qualified customers to register. Be creative with your incentives and you could get much closer to your market. Click for more…

Authicode™ was developed by our London based team of fashion industry experts.

Our vision is to provide reputable brands with a simple, but effective solution that will help them combat counterfeiting and the grey market, ultimately saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

We are also dedicated to giving consumers all over the world confidence that they are spending their hard earned cash on authentic products.

Benefit from our team’s years of experience.  Contact us today.