Anti-counterfeit and interactivity merges into one with Authicode

Anti-Counterfeit becomes interactive with UK based Authicode®

Counterfeit activities are still an ever growing problem for brands, rights owners and authorities across Europe. The United Kingdom in particular has a very active counterfeit market. Its customs authorities deal with almost double the number of cases compared to the next European country, Germany.benmuis

The ‘Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights’ shows a 49% increase in the number of cases dealt with in the UK between 2010 and 2011, against a 15% average increase across Europe. More than 93% of these cases (in value) were related to trademark infringement.

Not only that, but almost all cases dealt with by the customs authorities during that year have been initiated at the request of brands or rights owners. The reports show that the number of customs initiated cases has been dropping dramatically as the problem of counterfeit has grown.

In other words, brands need the knowledge to alert authorities with the right details that will allow them to take action.

What is required to give brands day to day protection and control over the tracking of genuine products?

To arm brands against the ever increasing sophistication of the counterfeit industry, we need a platform which can pull the different disciplines within a brand together and creates transparency from manufacturing right to the consumer.

Not only should it link the consumer directly to the brand, but it also needs to be compatible with many other anti-counterfeit methods and existing supply chains.

This will allow the brand to truly take control and create their own unique cocktail of anti-counterfeit tools whilst obtaining a full picture of the issues and their locations. Now targeted action is possible more often and what was hidden becomes visible. Visibility is power. Information is evidence.

A new, more holistic approach was needed to allow brands and rights owners to protect their products and their consumers

This is why I created Authicode as a platform for brands to use, enabling the consumer to simultaneously benefit from both a confident brand experience and brand protection.

It has been designed for a new age where anti-counterfeit includes the consumer, marketing departments, supply chain staff and of course those that look after brand protection.

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