Authicode is Launching its Licensor Brand Control version of the Cloud based anti-counterfeit system at Brand Licensing Europe

Authicode launches new Anti-Counterfeit and Marketing functionalities at Brand Licensing Europe 2014!

Authicode® Cloud-based Anti-Counterfeit & Marketing Solution exhibits at major Licensing Industry event in London! New Licensor Brand Control Functionality announced.

Authicode® provides a unique take on what a product verification system should do for a brand. It allows consumers anywhere to see they are buying authentic products at any time. It also allows brand owners and licensors to communicate with these consumers at the point of purchase and gives brand and customer key information to make better decisions. Ben Muis, creator of Authicode®, comes from a brand management and consultancy background; he developed the anti-counterfeit solution to combat the growing criminal activities affecting brands globally on a daily basis.

Authicode® does not only allows brands to strengthen anti-counterfeit strategies, it automatically monitors grey market activities and acts as a pioneering marketing tool. Using flexible and interactive methods, Authicode provides brand marketeers with the opportunity to build greater connections with the end customer and allows a direct avenue for cleverly placed marketing.

Brand Licensing Europe, is the perfect platform to launch the new Licensor brand control functionality from Authicode. With 280 leading brand owners said to participate in the event, the launch at BLE will facilitate the right exposure for this unique technical solution and reach hundreds of brands that can benefit from the system, from both an anti-counterfeit and marketing perspective.


Authicode will demonstrate how several types of Licensed product can interact with consumers and generate authenticity as well as marketing benefits.

Designed to assist brands by increasing their visibility and consumer interaction, Ben Muis and his team will be providing visitors with interactive demonstrations of Authicode®, via Smartphone at their BLE stand. Muis, explains “We will be sharing with brand owners, how they can start seeing their licensed products interact with consumers worldwide. Our unique take on what benefits this should give the brands themselves makes the difference between Anti-­Counterfeit and interactive brand enhancing protection”.

Through using a Smartphone Authicode® becomes interactive. Instant verification of authentic branded products get delivered to the consumer before purchase. Using the reporting system to show exactly where consumers are registering products, brands can keep track of stock easily, whilst ensuring product retails through the correct channels. Taking advantage of Authicode® as a marketing device, helps forge long lasting relationships with the most profitable partner a brand can have: the end customer

Authicode®’s user friendly system provides information which can help to solve disputes with licensees, distributors and retailers. Muis, believes “customs officers are increasingly pressured by the high number of counterfeit shipments. Brands need the knowledge to alert authorities with the right details that will allow them to take action. If that knowledge can also provide them with the ability to build a close and direct consumer relationship then that is even better”.

If you would like to know more about how Authicode works please visit us for your interactive demo at the BLE stand G112!

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