Authicode new functionalities for the licensing industry

Authicode launches new Licensor Brand Control platform

Without a traceable licence, brands are underprotected and consumers vulnerable

London – Brand integrity is the cornerstone of all product production; whether fashion, toys or jewellery. Brand fraud and high-production cheap replicas pose a real threat across many production industries – but there is a credible and affordable answer.

Authicode is the key provider of end-to-end license protection and they are pleased to announce that they are cornering the marketing of digital royalty declaration. Through Authicode’s unique tracking system, the licensor is able to trace the product’s entire production-to-sales process and ensure that contract agreements remain intact.

Authicode uses a specifically generated code that allows both retailers and consumers to buy and sell with confidence and know that they are not buying ‘knock off’ goods – whether it be in a toy shop in the middle of the run-up to Christmas or choosing a deeply personal and meaningful piece of luxury timekeeping.

As brand owners will inherently know, knowing who is buying their brand is only half the story. Authicode also allows producers and licence holders to plot where and in what numbers their products are being sold, without relying on the retailers to produce reports or generate future orders.

Authicode have developed their licensing control packages in response to the needs of the market. With options ranging from the Pay-as-you go plan to the fully all-inclusive package, Authicode can flex to your needs and will be happy to discuss options with you.

Ben Muis, Director of Authicode, said ‘Counterfeiting is the single greatest threat to brand integrity within the world of licensing. What makes it even more alarming is the fact that we cannot actually calculate the actual true cost of the illegal trade in goods. With the UK home to a third of the known cases across the globe, Authicode is your first and most credible method of stemming this practice. Specialists in our industry, we are committed to working with producers across the branded and luxury sector to provide a secure tracking system from production through distribution right up to the point of purchase and beyond.’

Authicode is launching its Licensing specific modules at Brand Licensing Europe in London.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Ben Muis, Conceptable Ltd, on +44 (0)207 9657579, or email Visit the Authicode Ltd website,


Notes to editor:

Authicode is part of the Conceptable Ltd business group

Authicode is a cloud based, consumer interacting system

Authicode will organise a free demonstration that shows exactly how easy it is to protect profits and brand while strengthening relationships with consumers.

For further information, please contact Ben Muis, Conceptable Ltd, on (0)207 193 6963, (0)788 27 26 274 or email Visit the Conceptable Ltd website,