It’s simple:

  • You apply a label or ticket with a unique code to each of your products, along with our additional layer of security.
  • The consumer verifies the unique code by scanning it with their Smart phone or entering it into your website from their mobile or other browser.
  • The authentication system informs the customer of the product’s authenticity and alerts you of any activity. It uses your brand identity during this process.
  • The consumer can register their item and activate a warranty programme or other marketing activity by using the additional instructions provided.
  • The authentication system automatically interacts with the consumer on your behalf, using your own brand identity.

This secure multi-level authentication not only gives you a database of actively buying customers but also provides the much needed knowledge of grey market and counterfeit activity.

The codes you apply to your stock are generated by you and are completely secure. They include allot of built in information that you might like to report on later. All codes are unique to your business and contain information that is relevant to your needs.

You access your own simple to use Authicode® installation from your office through a secure browser. The system is hosted behind multiple layers of security and requires authentication logins to operate.

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