Authicode proved successful with anti-counterfeit and marketing technology at Brand Licensing Europe 2014!

Authicode at Brand Licensing Europe 2014: counterfeit-beating, consumer-pleasing technology

Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) 2014 proved that Authicode has all the necessary attributes to protect brands from counterfeiting. Authicode’s mission – to protect brands from counterfeiting and to advance in-store marketing – was well received by the companies attending BLE. Two factors led to this wide range of acceptance:

  1. Interactive demonstrations – getting to grips with Authicode’s simple functionality, experiencing its efficiency and recognising its necessity to maintain brand integrity all arose out of hands-on experience of Authicode’s ability to beat counterfeiting and boost marketing
  2. Key information – the dual power of Authicode to fight counterfeiting and grey market activity whilst actually enhancing marketing activity gives it unrivalled value for any brand seeking strong customer data capture and relationship building.

Product verification turned out to be a key feature. Many brands attending BLE praised the speed of verification through smartphone technology and foresaw that the user-friendly nature of the verification system would give them a marketing toolas well as a counterfeit-beating system.

Authicode showcase brand protection and marketing functionalities at BLE2014

Letting the product speak for itself was also vital to the way Authicode won over new fans. BLE gave the team a chance to watch brand representatives interacting with Authicode and exploring first-hand how the system’s powerful functions could be learned in seconds and tailored to brand need. The dual benefit of brand protection and in-store marketing were instantly recognised by those exposed to Authicode for the first time.

The grey market is an often under-explored problem for brands, especially fashion and luxury brands. Trade through legal but unofficial, unauthorised channels can undercut a brand’s integrity, dilute its marketing and damage its ability to compete in chosen channels. Authicode’s contribution to fighting grey market activity caused quite a stir amongst brands experiencing brand erosion as an unwanted by-product of success in their chosen marketplaces.

Authicode great success for brand protection and marketing at BLE2014Building the Authicode community is part of Authicode’s vision and attending BLE 2014 supported this aim by educating brands, validating consumer purchasing, and driving forward marketing. Brand protection is just the beginning of Authicode’s contribution to brand development and the companies Authicode engaged with throughout BLE 2014 were able to explore a series of challenging questions:

  • How confident were they that their brands were not suffering from counterfeiting?
  • What technology did they have in place to track products and ensure they reached their chosen markets?
  • How sophisticated were their in-store marketing strategies?

Authicode offers multiple solutions to these and other questions.

Following on from BLE, Authicode’s immediate future includes in-depth discussions with a number of brands from the show who are seeking to facilitate their business in a simple, but effective way; taking the fight to counterfeiters whilst reinforcing in-store marketing tactics.

Authicode had a great experience at BLE 2014, and looks forward to attending more trade shows in the near future to connect with more brands and continue to build the Authicode community.

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Authicode is part of Conceptable Ltd business group.